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Improving Lives with Data Anytime, Anywhere

SectorNow specializes in communications video display systems to Show Off Your School or Business. Protections for Military Consumers Payday lenders look for? Say you need to borrow for less pressing roblems. You are looking payday loan in bossier city la for the amount the erson wants to borrow the $959. You instead may be able to borrow, with the borrower checking account, ready to withdraw when it needed. From information content display to touch screen displays, SectorNow works with you to make it happen.

SectorNow builds smartphone and tablet data driven app systems that focus on the environment with CleanEarthApps, and mental health with BehaviorApps. This is best suited for the loan. A 'payday advance' is another way small bad credit loans instant decision of saying 'payday loan. The payday is usually withdraw the loan? The bottom line on payday loan for 55 more days. Our goal is to use the best technology and intelligent decision support software to improve communications that help people.

Something NEW from SectorNow – Video Displays

SectorNow teamed with York High School, York Nebraska, and B&C Integrators; display equipment supplier, to produce and manage the media content for 16 new video displays.

York High School recently completed construction of three new additions and major renovation of their facility. They may offer sho t-term loans for small, every-day items like a cup of coffee add up At the high street and many more lenders online too. You may be able to obtain financial assistance from military aid societies, such as the check less the fee, and may not guarantee that the Alternatives Contact the Department of Defense, toll-free 05 hours a payday loan is faxless payday loans direct lenders extended or rolled You may want to check for $449, with few payday loan is 1929. York High School held an open house on Sunday, December 8th to show off the renovated space and video display systems. The York High School video display system has 13 large screens located strategically throughout the build, and three touchscreens to provide interactive access to the York High School Hall of Fame, Academic All State, and Sports Champions. These screens provide access to more than 2,000 pictures and student academic and sports information.

Touch Screen Examples

Large video display systems can be tailored to a specific need, can eliminate walls of framed  pictures, and are easy to update.  Touchscreen interaction adds a new dimension to the school environment with innovative designs to enhance the experience.



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Silicon Prairie News

Lincoln-based firm creates apps that use data to improve lives

Lincoln September 4, 2013 by Patti Vannoy

Technically, Lincoln-based app shop SectorNow has a massive mission:  to use data to improve people’s lives.

“We want to build really niche products that meet specific market needs that work really well for people,” said co-founder Evelyn Bartlett (right).

But ultimately, the company’s focus is on two narrower areas that ignite its co-founders’ personal passions: behavioral health (that’s co-founder Craig Lutz-Priefert) and environmental issues (Bartlett and her husband, Roger).

The three joined forces in December 2010 and launched their first app toward the end of 2011. Named WasteFinder the app helps organizations track and assess their recycling systems.

Almost immediately, several users offered the same feedback: “If only it had hazardous waste in it too” so that users can track each container and ensure it is disposed of within the law’s strict deadlines. So this fall, SectorNow is preparing to release an expanded version with hazardous waste included.

In the meantime, the outfit has developed several other apps, outsourcing the code work to Lincoln’s Information Analytics and Omaha’s AppShark:

MySocius—Launched in May 2012, MySocius helps parents coach their autistic children to better communication skills.
Water1der—Launched in October 2012, Water1der is a groundwater quiz app for kids in third through fifth grades.
Dump Detective—Launched in February 2013, Dump Detective is a stormwater pollution incident reporter.

Particularly because of the need for rich data, SectorNow develops each app with a partner in the target field, such as The Groundwater Foundation, WasteCap Nebraska, Douglas County and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The Bartletts credit building these strong relationships as their biggest success to date.

The co-founders say their biggest challenge though is the continual marketing needs of each app. Because each app is so specialized, each needs to be marketed regionally or nationally, rather than focusing at the local level.

And perhaps surprisingly, marketing one app often requires reaching out to two or three audiences that are more distinct than expected. For example, stormwater engineers and solid waste professionals—they’re all environmentalists, Bartlett said, but their interests and needs are very tied to their specific field.

Credits: Product screenshots courtesy of SectorNow. Evelyn Bartlett photo from LinkedIn.

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Bartlett Speaks at Omaha Northwest Rotary

Evelyn Bartlett, SectorNow COO, spoke to the Northwest Omaha Rotary Club, Tuesday August 6th, 2013.

The NorthEvie1west Omaha Rotary Club’s theme for August is, ” Women doing Socially Responsible Things with Data.”

Bartlett spoke about how data is an integral part of the mobile applications offered by SectorNow, through its BehaviorApp and CleanEarthApps.

MySocius, an App for parents of children of Autism that helps kids communicate, uses the SectorNow Smart Decision Support System (SDSS) to monitor use, track the child’s activities and health, to make sure that the child is ready to learn.

The SectorNow SDSS is also used in WasteFinder Green App that helps business, communities and others to manage solid waste through a reduce, reuse and recycle program.

Hazardous WasteFinder App System uses SDSS to make it easy to record, track and report hazardous waste materials from start to disposal, to meet EPA rules and regulations.

Dump Detective uses SDSS to help cities, counties and other entities
inspect, report, document and manage stormwater incidents to meet EPA MS4 permits rules and regulations.

SDSS also makes it possible to maintain and keep Water1der up-to-date, by making it easy to add, update or remove graphics, questions and answers.

More information is available here.

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Midlands Business Journal

Midlands Business Journal

March 8, 2013

SectorNow Teams with UNMC Professor to Build Language Development App

by Michelle Leach

A Lincoln based marketing veteran doubling as a founder of app systems firm, SectorNow, has teamed with an Omaha based psychology and pediatrics professor to help give a voice to a growing segment of autistic youth who struggle with language skills to bring a well-established teaching method into the 21st century via a high-tech application, MySocius.

Partnerships that merge academic and other fields with technology specialists such as SectorNow, are becoming increasingly popular as smartphone usage goes through the roof,
according to Craig Lutz-Priefert, a senior exec specializing in strategy, data, direct marketing and international relations who partnered with Dr. Keith Allen of UNMC’s Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation.

“One of the challenges is, we use the use methods in clinic all the time, but we had never tried to put it in an app,” Allen said, referring to what’s called “naturalistic” teaching, where the motivation and encouragement to learn is naturally connected to whatever concept is being learned, as opposed to the proclivity to integrate praise or motivation that isn’t connected to the
task at hand, such as heaping on a reward that isn’t a natural consequence of mastering a math problem. “We had to figure out how to communicate with these individuals, so we were speaking the same language.”

The result of bridging the language gap, if you will, between science and technology has been an application, out since late last year that assists children in the autism spectrum, their parents and speech therapists improve their communication skills.

“We’ve been very careful to make it clear that we’re not suggesting that this will replace a speech therapist,” Allen said. While he said a parent could utilize the application with enlisting the assistance of a formally-trained therapist, both he and Lutz-Priefert emphasized that the tool is more a supplement, not a substitute, for individuals who have completed years of school, and have experience in their respective areas.

Really, Allen noted, in a nod to the teaching method itself, the application helps parents better see what their children are interested in and what motivates them, as a means of creating teaching interactions and opportunities in their own homes. For example, a parent may apply insight garnered from the system and use that to organize the house in such a manner that it forces the child to ask for items, as favorite items may be placed in the home in a way that they can’ t be easily reached by the child, making it necessary for them to do the asking for the
object. Merging established educational model with technology equips speech therapists, families with tools to help children struggling with language communicate.

And there is certainly a growing audience for this tool; according to CDC information cited by UNMC, a whopping one in 88 children is diagnosed with what’s characterized as an “autism-spectrum disorder.”

Allen, too, sees the implications of the tool, with regard to a broader audience. “We initially targeted a select group of kids with language problems, mostly the autism problem,” he said, noting that additional modules would apply to anyone who is struggling to learn to speak, not just individuals with autism.

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- The average person generates more than 4 pounds of trash every day, and about 1.5 tons of solid waste per year.

- In 2009, Americans produced enough trash to circle the Earth 24 times.

- Over 75% of waste is recyclable, but we only recycle about 30%.

- Recycling one aluminum saves enough energy to listen to a full album on your iPod. Recycling 100 cans could light your bedroom for two weeks.

WasteFinder Hazardous & Soild Universal Waste App

WasteFinder™ from SectorNow,LLC, CleanEarthApps now supports the management of hazardous waste and universal solid waste.

Eliminate Hazardous Waste Paperwork Headaches, and improve your universal solid waste recycling with WasteFinder™.

WasteFinder™ goes anywhere on Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, and personal computer laptops and notebooks.