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Create Community Space

Student generate more energy than power plants. Just watch them during school activities. Wild and FUN!

Journey through your schools hallways. Posters and flyers taped to the walls promote events and help generate school pride.

Add life to the motionless poster and flyers with video displays. Pictures, animation, video, twitter feeds, and music provide a gateway to a vibrant community space for students, alumni and visitors. SectorNow message display systems provide up to the minute information and highlight the students achievements, event announcements, art, music , drama, clubs and organizations. Another canvas to Show Off Your School. SectorNow provides video message displays that are east to use, if fact many of our schools use students to create the messages and manage the system; a great earning experience for students.

Contact SectorNow to learn how your School can benefit with our digital Video Message Display system. Easy, flexible, reliable and affordable.

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School Spirit Spans Generations

School pride, traditions, victories won, challenges met and dreams that become reality can now be passed from generation to generation.

Each class, team of teachers and staff build your school’s legacy. SectorNow helps show off your school’s traditions with digital video touch displays that provide a canvas on which you can highlight your school’s proud legacy.

Your students history should not gather dust in closets, stairwells  or high on school hallway walls, but up front with interactive video displays hat show off your history with pictures, video and audio, and statistic information.

Contact SectorNow to learn how our custom video wall mount and kiosk touch displays can provide beautiful, easy, flexible and affordable history display for you school.

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Video Communication Displays


York High School, York Nebraska

The York High School video display system has 13 large Message Displays located strategically throughout the building, and 3 touchscreens that provide interactive access to the York High School “Hall of Fame”, “Academic All State”, and “Sports Champions.” The Touch Displays provide access to more than 3,000 student academic, athletic records, and highlights York Schools “Hall of Fame.”

Touch Screen Examples


Touch displays add new dimensions to your school with innovative designs that enhance the interactive experience, with access to your school’s history, student accomplishments and highlight community involvement. And, “IT’s FUN!” You decide what you want Show Off, and SectorNow does the rest

Large video communication display systems make it easy for your school to provide up the minute announcements, highlight student activities, show video highlights of plays, musicals, sports events and school activities. They are your schools’ canvas. Whatever you can dream of for content can be displayed on your Message display system. Message displays reduce paper clutter on walls, lockers, windows and doors.

Displays range from 46″ to 84″, or matrix displays, with multiple screens, that work as one.

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