CleanEarthApps from SectorNow, LLC use smartphones and tablet devices to assess, analyze,  collect information, and then manage and monitor waste disposal and  recycling efforts for businesses, and local governments. Support stormwater runoff pollution reducton and MS4, NPDES permit compliance with inspection apps to record illicit and illegal dumps into drainways, waterways to improve water quality.

CleanEarth Apps use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state  environmental waste evaluation, and waste determination guidelines,  rules and regulations,  and laws to determine the best programs to  reduce waste, increase recycling, and save money, and EPA clean water rules and regulation to protect surface water in communities across the United States.


Hazardous WasteFinder ™ App System makes it easy to record, track and report hazardous waste materials from start to disposal.

  • Easy desktop setup
  • Remote Monitoring on Smartphones and Tablets
  • Hazardous Waste Shipping and Disposal Reminders
  • Continuous Hazardous Waste Flow Tracking

Eliminate Hazardous Waste Paperwork Headaches, TODAY!

WasteFinder Green App™- Your Recycle, Reduce and Reuse Waste Management Tool

WasteFinder Green Appfrom SectorNow uses data collected from smartphones and tablet mobile devices to help businesses determine the best and most appropriate ways to manage and monitor waste disposal and recycling efforts.

WasteFinder Green App gives  businesses the tools to assess waste streams and to develop waste  management and recycling programs that reduce waste and save money. Green App also provides reports to measure waste management and recycling program accomplishments.

WasteFinder Green App provides waste disposal and recycling  businesses and resources information, including types of waste accepted, resource location with GPS locator, telephone numbers and website  information.


Dump Detective™ – Stormwater Runoff Pollution Inspection App

Protect the environment with Dump Detective, a mobile app to inspect, record, report and manage illicit discharges into storm-drains, outfalls, drainage-ways, streams and lakes.

Dump Detective Features:

  • GIS and GPS for accurate location, latitude and longitude, date and time
  • Easy to use step-by-step operation for complete and accurate reports
  • Take pictures of incident and discharges
  • Drop-down menus to help identify discharge materials and pollutants
  • Secure

Purchase Dump Detective on the App Store.

Water1der™ App for Children to Learn about Water

Water1der™ is an app to teach children the importance of water to life on earth. It’s a show and respond app that teaches about ground water, water use, and conservation.

Water1der was made for The Groundwater FoundationThe Groundwater Foundation is a nonprofit organization that educates people and inspires action to ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for future generations.

Water1der is available FREE on the App Store for IPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch.

  • Players are challenged in different areas of groundwater and water basics knowledge
  • Various playing formats that are both fun and educational
  • Players can share their scores to see how they rank against others

Water1der Game Play Formats:

  • Multiple Choice – Choose the correct answer from the four presented on the screen.
  • Matching – Select one of the answers below the pictures. Drag the selected answer and drop on the correct picture.  Repeat until each picture is labeled.
  • Scrolling – Touch the screen to scroll through the possible answers. Don’t take your finger off of the screen until you’ve chosen the answer you think is correct.
  • True/False – Choose if the answer is True or False.
  • Missing Letters – Touch one of the spaces with a  missing letter and the keyboard will pop up. Choose a letter to fill the blank. Repeat until all of the letters are filled in. Press check to see if your answer is correct.
  • Moving – Move each picture on the left side of the screen to the correct disposal method on the right.
  • Numerical Order – Touch the correct number on the escalating scale on the screen.
  • Touch and Drop – Touch inside one of the empty spaces, then touch the correct word to fill that space. Continue until all empty spaces are filled.
  • Water1der is FREE on the App Store. Download TODAY!

Support: For technical questions, contact CleanEarthApps, LLC at 402-477-9128. For content questions, contact The Groundwater Foundation at 1-800-858-4844.

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