WasteFinder Green App™ from CleanEarthApps combines solid waste and hazardous waste management into one easy to use desktop and mobile app system.

WasteFinder provides the tools to assess hazardous and universal solid waste streams.

CleanEarthApps use intuitive information entry screens, the ability to provide information about an organizations’ functional areas, with a comprehensive list of waste types, weights, quantities, based on best practice hazardous and universal solid waste collection, storage, and disposal, and recycling processes.

CleanEarthApps includes a comprehensive users manual, with frequently asked questions and answers, and provide detailed reports to measure program effectiveness.

WasteFinder provides business and industry a hazardous waste management system that uses an easy to use desktop administration and mobile app to inspect, record, monitor, and audit the waste collection and storage processes. The app system is based on industry standards, designed and developed with input from and testing by industry professionals. The app reduces redundant work, simplifies data management, and flexible, easy to use, efficient and effective.

“EPA Compliance Made Easy,” with WasteFinder:

  • Easy to use desktop app set up and administration to manage data and inspections
  • Use tablets, smartphones, mini-computers to inspect, report and monitor data
  • Data collection with on-screen drop-down menus to ease the inspectors work
  • Add note and pictures to improve inspection documentation
  • Time and date notifications for hazardous waste pickup and disposal action
  • Secure data uploads
  • Immediate address to data
  • Comprehensive reports

WasteFinder makes it easy to comply with EPA and State hazardous waste inspection, reports, and disposal rules and regulations, and provide program performance management reports.

WasteFinder allows users to assess universal solid waste generated by businesses, industry, military and local governments to assess, analyze, and monitor solid waste disposal and recycling efforts. WasteFinder is designed to help determine the best and most appropriate ways to monitor and manage waste disposal and recycling programs, and report activities and actions.

WasteFinder is based ion national, state and environmental organizations’ waste evaluations, waste determination guidelines. rules and regulations, laws and the best practices to reduce waste and increase recycling. When an organization understands its solid waste stream, a waste management and recycling program can be used to reduce, increase reuse and improve recycling of sold waste. Universal solid waste management programs are cost effective and protect the environment.

WasteFinder Green App is:

  • Team Friendly. Managers, Green Team members and employees conduct solid waste assessments and share the results. Hazardous waste managers and inspect, administer, inspect, documents, record monitor and report to manage hazardous waste from generation to disposal.
  • Mobile. The app goes anywhere on Apple,, Android and Windows tablets, smartphones and notebooks.

WasteFinder Green App Solid Waste Assessment Tool: Know Your Waste

The first  step in the solid waste assessment process is to identify materials and quantities being disposed, with the focus on materials that must be recycled by law, and high volume materials like paper, cardboard, and high value materials like printer toner cartridges and aluminum cans. Waste assessments determine the where waste is being generated and determine how to reduce, reuse or recycle solid universal waste to reduce  sold waste disposal costs, and waste sent to a landfill.

Solid waste assessment and waste management programs are easier to implement than you think with WasteFinder. WasteFinder provides a step-by-step process that can be customized to meet your waste management needs.

WasteFinder Green App can strengthen an organizations’ solid, universal waste program.

  • Gain Management Support
  • Gain Employee Support
  • Conduct Waste Assessments
  • Reduce Trash
  • Build a Recycinbg Program
  • Purchase Envoronmentaly Friendly Products
  • Track and Report Program Successes
  • Get Recognition

WasteFinder makes it easy!

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To learn more about WasteFinder Green App, visit www.wastefindergreenapp.com.